20 Ways to Make Love Without Doin' It: Part 4

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  • Aug 23, 2015
  • blackteencouple

    Here’s Part 4 of the series:
    Somewhere in my travels I came across a brochure that listed 101 Ways to Make Love Without Doin’ It. Among teens, there is often pressure to have sex so I think its great to have different things to do outside of sex.  I’m going to share the 101 Ways

    Can She Be Saved? Gets In To The 2010 Women's Intl Film and Arts Festival

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  • Aug 20, 2015
  • CANSHE_5X7

    I was recently notified that my debut film, Can She Be Saved? has been selected to screen at the 5th Annual Women’s International Film and Arts Festival in Miami which is being held March 26 – April 3, 2010. I look forward to meeting my fellow women filmmakers. And for the people who indulge

    Outrageous: When Teen Text Messages Lead to An Attack

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  • Aug 13, 2015
  • ratley

    Yesterday, the news was buzzing about a middle school girl who was beaten so badly that she had to receive 2 craniotomies (had her head opened up and operated on.) The victim, 15 year old, Josie Lou Ratley is still in critical condition and her attacker, Wayne Treacy, 15, has been charged with attempted murder.